ComingWorks is a self-venturing company created in Dec. 2015 to turn its High Tech projects into successful startups.


What is a self-venturing company?

The principles and concept of a self-venturing company were designed by J.P. Duvet, the founder and CEO of ComingWorks, to enable a fast and sustainable organic growth, a continuous incremental and disruptive innovation by offering startup opportunities to the company’s talents.
In short, a self-venturing company is organized in many single-product business lines just as many daughter companies sharing support functions like Finance or Legal. When a new business idea emerges somewhere within the group, it is assessed and developed at group level to potentially give birth to a startup as an additional daughter company which could even disrupt one of her sisters.
A self-venturing company is not a Business Incubator nor a Venture Capital firm but part of its nurturing and screening processes are similar to them.

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Should I have a business idea to join ComingWorks?

No! By joining ComingWorks, you’ll work on exiting projects or startups, learn great things and work with smart people.

If you happen to have an idea, you’ll benefit from the tools and methodology we use to assess and develop any business ideas and from invaluable experienced support. We especially designed the company to turn relevant ideas into startups and to fund them.

Types of projects we invest in?

  • Solve an issue with benefits that people can appreciate
  • Scalable worldwide and leveraging new technologies
  • Low capital-intensive and short Time To Market

Examples In scope: FinTech, Personal and Business Performance, Analytics & Big Data
Out of scope: Biotechnology, Self-driving cars, Offensive arms industry

Our great place to grow:

On-site facilities: Oculus Rift games, Pool, fitness center, mini-kitchen…
8km path for running, cycling, rollerblading...
Within a few minutes walk from office: bus, metro, 50 lunch options, 1 supermarket
2016 East Coast Park Panorama by Chensiyuan v2
Singapore: Asia's most influential city, most "technology-ready" nation (WEF)…
Great base for travel around South East Asia (Bali, Phuket, Komodo…)

2012 Singapore CBD by Chensiyuan v2
Build stuff that matters and have a positive impact on others’ lives
Positive impactsH300
We have the Oculus Rift in our lab to imagine new uses beyond games
2016 Virtual reality
Want to be part of an alpha version or get bored on the patch #14328?
Maintenance on legacy systems sucks, build the future from scratch so you can proudly say “I made this app!”